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spacer Motocadia offers small personalised motorcycle tours, from 7 – 16 days, covering Portugal, Spain, Morocco, USA, Alps and the UK / Scotland. Ride on or off road with us in Portugal and Morocco on your adventure bike, road tours you can hire a bike for Portugal or Morocco. New for 2011 - USA Southern tour, come ride the USA with a choice of bikes, discover the real USA, Deals Gap, Snake Pass, Shady Valley, a great motorcycle ride.
Motocadia now use New BMW bikes, come and discover the “real” country of your choice with our specialist guides, ride amazing roads, stay in stunning accommodation and make new friends, experience motorcycling at its true best.




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Morocco Adventure

Motocadia offers you two choices here – road or off road for large adventure bikes, both tours are 9 days in Morocco, and have the same elements:

  • 4 and 5 star hotels – all breakfasts and dinners
  • Full land rover support – you bike will not be left stranded and mechanic
  • Multi lingual guide
  • Chance to see the real Morocco


Road Trips

Join us for a fascinating road trip in to Morocco, this is a truly amazing country and great seen from a motorcycle. We take in some great roads, the Rif mountains, Fes, the Atlas and down to the desert, quad biking option in the desert, the n over to Marrakech and back to Meknes before heading North and back to Spain.

The road trip has the option for you to fly in and rent a new BMW bike, or ride across with your bike if you have time, or if short on time then fly in and collect your rental bike, relax in Malaga and then the following day head off to North Africa.

The roads are in god order and you will have great rides every day plus stunning scenery and the senses and smells of North Africa all around – this is a great foot hold tour in to North Africa and one that will not disappoint.

For full tour details and prices download PDF file
PDF for Road tour


Off road adventures

We start from Malaga – the tip has been designed for your large adventure bike and will give you the chance to see Morocco from a different perspective – the off road and road riding you will do is truly a lot of fun and you will have the opportunity to se what you and your large adventure bike re capable of. A good sense of humor and the spirit to help your fellow riders will be required – things do not always go to plan in Morocco and you have to except this can sometimes happen.

The tracks have been researched and ridden by Motocadia so they are fully fit for large adventure bikes, the trip is fully supported by a mechanic and land rover back up with the ability to take your bike back to Spain – it will not be left.

Talk to us bout what you require, bespoke trips can also be arranged.

Morocco is very different o Europe in many ways but so close – come and try for a different adventure.

For full tour details and prices download PDF file
PDF for Off road tour


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